Make 50% In 12 Months

✈️ ✈️ Thirty-one percent of Americans are more interested in international than domestic travel, according to a recent poll by tourism market research firm Destination Analysts
Households are continuing to unleash two or three years’ worth of pent-up demand as Covid-19 fears wane and the last vestiges of pandemic-era border restrictions have eased
Asia-Pacific is drawing particularly vigorous interest, although European destinations retain their popularity, too
62% of 2023 flight searches in the first week of December were for international destinations, up from 55% the same time last year, according to a recent Hopper report. It cited international travel among the top three trends for 2023, saying it’s poised “for a big comeback”
Investment Strategy 2023
Make At Least 50% Passive Income In 12 Months + 20% From Top Quality Travel Industry Leaders As Valuations Drop
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