MUST READ: The Power Of Compounding

💯💯 Pictured Above is a calculation based on the compound interest formula for a period of 24 months using a base investment amount of $25K USD at a return of 8 per cent per cycle. 1 year = 10 cycles
Investors Take Note: Over 24 months your 25K USD investment will turn into 116,523.93 USD.
Alternatively, an investment of 12,500 USD will give you $58,261.96 USD in 24 months
How Do We Achieve This
Licensed And Regulated: A European Fund Manager, based in Cyprus, Licensed in Seychelles, Cyprus and the European Union, has been trading in Managed Funds since 2013
Performance: These Managed Funds, run by a team of Professional Traders, trade strictly in Foreign Exchange (FX) and Commodities, and have been recently paying out returns of 8-10% every 4-5 weeks
100% Transparent: The Funds are transparent and show Investors exactly how they generate income by issuing a MT4 trades report
The Power Of Compounding: An Investor will earn 8-10% every 4-5 weeks and once- these returns total at least 1K, these returns can then be re- invested, enabling Investors to make more money
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