Make 30% In 12 Months – Apple Has Unleashed A New Standard

Forget About Goldman Sachs Downgrading Apple’s Target Price To $165 per share. The new U1 chip—introduced with the iPhone 11 but never mentioned on stage at Tuesday’s iPhone event, will usher in Ultra Wideband (UWB), a game changing wireless standard that powers the U1 chip. Embedded in the U1 is new technology that may dramatically change how our various intelligent devices interact with each other. Read Full Strategy:

TRADE ALERT: The Great B2B Payments Disruption Has Arrived

TRADE ALERT: The Great B2B Payments Disruption Has Arrived: B2B global payments is a market McKinsey and Co. analysts believe is ripe for disruption. It’s the most vulnerable part of the $1.9 trillion payments segment because there hasn’t been any meaningful innovation in two decades. That Moment Has Now Arrived. Read Full Strategy: