Macau’s Gambling Revenue Plunges 97%

🇲🇴 🇲🇴 🇲🇴 Macau’s April gambling revenue falls 97 per cent amid travel bans • Gross gaming revenue plummeted by an unprecedented 97 per cent to 754 million patacas (US$95 million) in April • The plunge last month was 3 percentage points worse than analysts’ expectation • The situation for casino operators in Macau has continued to deteriorate even after they reopened their doors following a 15-day shutdown in February aimed at curbing the contagion. While operations have restarted, baccarat and roulette tables remain nearly empty, and casinos are each losing more than US$1 million a day • Email to get invited into our Closed Door WhatsApp Group And Earn Quarterly Trading Returns

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