Get Ready For A Dollar Surge

💵 💵 Get Ready For A Dollar Surge: On 1 Dec We Warned That The US Dollar Would Go Up As The Fed Had Made A U-Turn. Watch Video:
Since then, the Dollar Index has risen 1.63% against major currencies. Since the middle of 2021, Investors have been bullish on the US Dollar and the currency has climbed 6.7% against major currencies
We expect the FOMC meeting today to deliver a hawkish sentiment and cut the taper timeline into half, which means that the US Dollar will strengthen further against major currencies
Inflation Is Surging, The Fed Has No Choice: On Tuesday, 14 Dec, the producer price index — which measures input inflation — hit a record high at +9.6% year-over-year. CPI numbers have routinely beaten estimates and consumer inflation is now at the highest year-over-year level since 1982
Make At Least 30% In 2022 From Our Currencies Strategy.
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