Can Your Wealth Manager Make €5000 In 34 Minutes?

🚨 🚨 Can Your Stock Broker Make €5000 In 34 Minutes? Our Retail Clients Just Did
Fact: Today, high-frequency trading represents about 50% of trading volume in US equity markets. In European equity markets, its share is estimated to be between 24% and 43% of trading volume, and about 58% to 76% of orders
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What Is The Difference Between Algorithmic Trading And High Frequency Trading?
The core difference between them is that algorithmic trading is designed for the long-term, while high-frequency trading (HFT) allows one to buy and sell at a very fast rate
Profit From The Best Opportunities – High Frequency, Gap And Algorithmic Trading
Our HFT system is inside an Algorithm that is 75% Artificial Intelligence and 25% Human Genius which makes it even more dynamic in volatile markets
At the same time, our Algorithm will, through data mining, analyse the optimum risk/reward ratios so that Clients can also profit from Gap trading
The First HFT System For Retail Investors
Until now, High Frequency Trading has only been done by high net worth individuals in the market with a minimum capital of $20 million. We lowered that amount and started doing HFT for private clients with a minimum of $3 million
Now, we are making it even more exciting by allowing, for the first time, Retail Investors to participate in HFT with a committed capital of between $50-$100K USD
We are talking average profits of $10-20K USD per month on high beta stocks that have been tweaked by our HumanQuant Algorithm which mines data 24/7
Let Us Make For You 5% Per Month With HFT And Gap Trading In 2022
HumanQuant By HumanPotential – A Bespoke Algo Driven Investment Program Powered By 75% A.I. and 25% Human Intelligence
From A Blank Canvas, We Create Wealth Trading Equities, ETFs, Futures, FX, Cryptos, Fine Wine & Whisky, Investment Grade Watches, Collectible Sneakers and Non-Fungible Tokens To Suit Your Investment Requirements
For A Fee Of $5K USD For 12 months, we will customise an Algorithm driven portfolio of Traditional Asset Classes as well as Alternative market strategies suited to specific risk and reward requirements
Talk To Us Today And Let Us Give You A Taste Of The Great Disruption:

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