The Best Gas Play Is Trading At A Discount

📣📣 The Best Gas Play Is Trading At A Discount
This Company is the Best European Gas Play and its market value of $110 billion makes it larger than BP AND IT IS TRADING AT A DISCOUNT
Point To Note: With no net debt, it also has one of the best balance sheets among major energy companies
It is the second-largest provider of natural gas to Europe behind Russian Giant Gazprom and has been realizing a financial windfall from an extraordinary surge in European gas prices
Point To Note: No Western energy company has greater exposure to European gas, which may be the single best energy market in the world now
Buyback Power: The Company also plans to buy back $5 billion of stock in 2022, resulting in a total yield (dividend plus repurchases) of close to 10%
Let Us Make 30% For You In 2020 From Natural Gas And Renewable Energy
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