Bitcoin: You Better Read This

⚠️ ⚠️ Bitcoin: Get Ready For $30K

Bitcoin Is Likely To Plunge To $30K As Smart Money Has Trapped Longs

Bitcoin’s price failure to hold the critical levels at $41,500 and $40,000 hints at strong bearish control. If the swing low gets breached, BTC price could disappointingly head back towards the low $36,000 zone

Historically, tighter monetary policy measures have increased selling pressure on cryptocurrencies as investors pull out from speculative and highly volatile markets

Let Us Make For You 30% In 2022 From Cryptocurrencies

Fact: Today, high-frequency trading represents about 50% of trading volume in US equity markets

We are the first to introduce high frequency trading for retail clients with a minimum committed capital of just 100K USD compared to the market which requires minimum capital of 20M USD

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