Malaysia The Biggest Loser For FDI In Asean

🇲🇾 🇲🇾 Fact: Singapore is the biggest winner, Malaysia the biggest loser in Asean in competition for FDI
Asean continues to attract increasing amounts of FDI. It is Malaysia that is the biggest loser, among all Asean countries, in this competition for foreign investor money. In the 20 years prior to the AFC (1977-1997), Malaysia accounted for 24% of total FDI flows into the Asean region, second only to Singapore
In the two decades after the AFC (2000-2020), Malaysia’s share of investments has fallen to a mere 8%, behind not only Singapore, but also Indonesia and Vietnam
Malaysia saw the steepest decline in terms of share of FDI, falling a hefty 67%. By comparison, Indonesia’s share fell by less than 8%, from 13% of total Asean FDI to 12% over the same period. Thailand’s share of the pie contracted by 36%, from 11% to 7% of total FDI in the region. Even the Philippines fared better, with its share falling some 33%
Vietnam recorded the strongest increase, up 80% from only 5% to 9% share, albeit from a smaller base, in the past 20 years. But the biggest winner by far, in absolute terms, is Singapore. The country accounted for well over half (55%) of total FDI flow into Asean, up by more than 41%, from 39% share pre-AFC
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