ESG: UBS Sees This Stock Rising 51%

☀️ 💨 ESG 2023: The U.S. has revealed plans to spend $370 billion on new energy provisions through its Inflation Reduction Act, while the European Union’s REPowerEU plan targets 210 billion euros ( 221.4 billion) in investment
Companies across the sector are reacting accordingly with plans to replace traditional thermal generators, such as those fed by coal, oil and gas, with renewable energy sources powered by wind, solar and nuclear
Active Income
UBS is buying the stock of the world’s largest “competitive power generator” and sees an upside of 51%
Passive Income
Make 10-13% Every 4 Weeks From A Fund Managed By A European Fund Manager That Will Pay Out Returns Of At Least 70% By The End Of 2023
Here’s The Scoop: The Minimum For This passive investment is only $1K USD
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