Gold: Most Explosive Chart Ever

⭐️⭐️ Gold: Most Explosive Chart Ever
Gold has now appreciated $200 per ounce since Nov and is now trading above $1920
Gold’s monthly chart, above (Chart 1), is one of the most potentially explosive charts
Investors Take Note: Within an 11-year trading range, gold posted a monthly bullish reversal off a nine-year trendline support. This was only the third monthly bullish reversal in 18 years. Monthly bullish reversals are rare—but when they occur, they mark accelerations to the upside. IF Gold breaks above $2120, we will see $3000
The monthly closing chart of the US Two Year Treasury Note Yield (Chart 2) shows formidable resistance in the 5% area dating back 30 years
Investors Take Note: Momentum has now broken its two year uptrend —signaling that yields will be declining. This adds to further evidence that the Dollar will decline and Gold will go up
China Is Buying Gold
The People’s Bank of China raised its gold holdings by 30 tons in December. This follows November’s addition of 32 tons and brings the nation’s holdings to a total of 2,010 tons
2023 Gold Strategy
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