Singapore Rents To Climb Further

🇸🇬 🇸🇬 Soaring Singapore Rents Set to Climb Another 10-15% This Year
A breakneck surge in residential rents hammered Singapore’s tenants with increases of about 21% in the first nine months of 2022 — and the pain looks set to continue this year
Bloomberg Intelligence analysts predict rents are set to rise another 10-15% in 2023, driven by the country’s continued economic recovery, as well as resilient employment and household income
Data released Monday (16 Jan) showed that home sales fell for a third straight month in December to the lowest in almost 14 years, as a lack of units kept buyers at bay
Singapore-based real estate agency OrangeTee & Tie Pte, expects private rents to rise between 13% and 16% this year
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