Foreign Stocks Are Poised To Shine

🌍 🌏 Strategy: Foreign Stocks Are Poised To Shine
As U.S. stocks trounced other major markets over the past decade, investors had little reason to stray far from home
Now, foreign stocks have taken the lead, bolstered by a changing monetary and geopolitical backdrop that gives investors fresh reasons to venture abroad
The MSCI EAFE index which tracks developed markets abroad, is up 10% over the past six months. The S&P 500 index is about flat over the same period
Why Foreign Stocks
Adding foreign stocks can act as a buffer and offer a cheaper entry into powerful trends like electrification and digitization
It’s also a way to tap into China’s recovery —without stepping into the geopolitical minefield of escalating conflict between the U.S. and China
Attractive Valuation: Even after the recent gains, the MSCI EAFE index trades at a relatively cheap 13 times next year’s earnings, reflecting sober views of foreign economies. That compares with 18 times for the S&P 500
Investors should focus on global companies keyed in to long-term trends, such as the move toward electrification needed to hit zero-carbon targets and the push toward greater digitization and automation as companies diversify supply chains away from China
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