Oilix Oil Fund: 17.94% In 3 Months

🛢️ 🛢️ BREAKING: Oilix Oil Fund Has Made 5.85% So Far In Mar And Final Payout Is On 9 Apr
In 2023, Oilix Oil Fund has made 17.94% so far and is expected to payout 6% every 4 weeks, at least 60% in 12 months
In 2022, Oilix Oil Fund delivered returns of 82.05%
Oilix Managed Oil Fund provides you with an opportunity to make 6% every 4 weeks, 60% per year from crude oil volatility. This means that you make money regardless of whether crude oil moves up or down
💯 💯 Now Here’s The Scoop: An Investor who invests 100K USD will see his investment turn into 320,713 USD in 24 months (based on 6% per cycle. 1 year = 10 cycles)
Alternatively, an investment of 50K USD will give you 160,356 USD in 24 months
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