JPY: The Next Big Trade

🇯🇵 🇯🇵 The yen is making a comeback as a preferred foreign-exchange haven, after banking crises in the US and Switzerland hurt the dollar and franc’s standing as go-to assets for turbulent times
Right Now Traders Are Shorting USDJPY Above ¥131 And See It Falling To At Least ¥128 Short Term
JPY is the world’s best-performing major currency this month and for the likes of DWS Group and Morgan Stanley, the yen is the next big trade. Deutsche Bank AG’s investment arm DWS Group bets it will gain to 125 per dollar in the next 12 months
How To Play It
Passive Income: Make at least 70% in 12 months, 7% every 5 weeks from a Managed Fund that trades USDJPY Volatility. This means that you make money from USDJPY regardless of market direction
💯 💯 Now Here’s The Scoop: An Investor who invests 100K USD will see his investment turn into nearly 387K USD in 24 months (based on 7% per cycle. 1 year = 10 cycles) •••
••• Terms And Conditions Apply
Alternatively, an investment of 50K USD will give you 193K USD in 24 months
Active Income: Make At Least 5% Per Month Trading USDJPY Volatility. Note: High Networth Individuals Can Trade USDJPY 5% better than the market (buy/sell) Ask Us How
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