Make 60% As OPEC Cuts Output

🛢️ 🛢️ WTI Crude Surges 5% After OPEC Output Cut
OPEC+ announced it was slashing output by 1.16 million barrels per day. In addition to Saudi Arabia’s output cut of 500,000 barrels per day, other member states have also pledged cuts: the UAE will be cutting output by 144,000 barreld per day, while Kuwait, Oman, Iraq, Algeria and Kazakhstan will also be reducing output
What This Cut Means
ANZ: The probability of reaching $100 before the end of the year “certainly has increased following these measures. This measure does send a pretty strong signal to the market that they’re going to support prices”
Vanda Insights: “The move has the potential to push the market into a deficit in the second quarter, versus earlier expectations of a surplus”
How To Make Money
Passive Income: Oilix Managed Oil Fund provides you with an opportunity to make 6% every 4 weeks, 60% per year from crude oil volatility. This means that you make money regardless of whether crude oil moves up or down
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Alternatively, an investment of 50K USD will give you 160,356 USD in 24 months
Oilix Oil Fund Has Made 6.91% So Far And Final Payout Is On 9 Apr
In 2023, Oilix Oil Fund has made 19.07% so far and is expected to payout 6% every 4 weeks, at least 60% in 12 months
In 2022, Oilix Oil Fund delivered returns of 82.05%
Investors Take Note: With Passive Income you will then be able to create Active Income and in 12 months time your passive income will pay for your active investments
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