Earn 1% Per Month With Just $3K

📌 Earn 500 USD Per Month Every Month With An Investment Of Just $3K
The World’s First Staking Fund pays out a minimum return of 1 per cent every month (up to 3 per cent)
📌 An investment of 3K USD means that the Investor will get a minimum return of $3,380 in 12 months and this return is paid out every single Month— $563 per Month. Over 24 months, this return snowballs to $3,809 using the power of compound interest and this return is paid out every single Month— $634 per Month (see chart above)
📌 On a non-compounded basis, on an investment of 3K USD, the investor will get $500 USD per month for as long as he can leave the money in the staking fund
••••Terms & Conditions Apply
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