Hibiki Connoisseurs Evening

It Was A Hibiki Connoisseur Evening: The Hibiki Master’s Select is a blend of 10 different Japanese malt and grain whiskies and it is aged in 5 different types of casks. The magic is created when you pair it with the finest Chinese food which is truly the best kept secret of KL. The first course was the most delectable al dente siu mai that melted in the mouth. The next course was a super crispy yam croquette stuffed with tasty marinated kurobuta pork. The highlight of the evening was the pork jowl that would put the most noble char siu to shame. Every morsel was legendary and it made me wonder what type of pork I had been eating all these years. Next came the baby backed ribs which were superbly marinated and serves with a medley of mango and papaya salad. The carbohydrate legend of the evening was the salted egg with seafood 🦞 glass noodles. The salted egg hugged the noodles totally which were accompanied by huge prawns and succulent prawns. Truly a masterpiece! Then came the most delectable version of the famous radish cake which is a dim sum favourite. This version is set for Michelin stardom right from the start. As if all this was not enough, dessert was a superb lemon grass jelly garnished with fresh strawberries. Bravo to the KL F&B Industry for having this jewel in the crown!!! Email inquiries@ppchk.net to get invited into our Closed Door WhatsApp Group And Earn Quarterly Trading Returns

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