The Magic Of The Skillet

The skillet is a wonderful invention. Dishes cooked on a skillet are not only healthy, they capture and lock in the flavours to the fullest. Last night i had the most delicious skillet prawns in garlic served with crispy sourdough bread. The toasted bread 🍞 was amazing when dipped into the sauce that was enriched with prawn stock and bits of roasted garlic. The main course was an amazing Sourdough Pizza 🍕(Yes, Sourdough is the new trend as we move away from simple carbohydrates). The gruyere pizza was garnished with caramelized onions which utilised the natural sugars to create a rich, jam like topping that blended perfectly with the decadent, swiss cheese • Email to get invited into our Closed Door WhatsApp Group And Earn Quarterly Trading Returns

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