The New Face Of Investing Has Landed

🧬🧬 The New Face Of Investing Has Landed • Passive Alpha Wealth
Why Passive Alpha Wealth?
Passive Alpha Wealth Is Our New Project To Change Lives
A Mission Where We Not Only Educate Our Clients To Become Financially Savvy, but we also create passive + active income for our clients, customised to their needs
Passive income is the primary source of income for most of the *richest people in the world
How Do We Do It?
A European Fund Manager has created a game changing suite of managed funds that each pay between 7-13% every 4-5 weeks and At Least 70% every 12 months
The Power Of Liquidity
These managed funds only trade in FX and Commodities. Today, Foreign Exchange Is A $7.6 triilion per day market
Performance Of Top Funds
Galaxy 23.91.% In 10 Weeks
Yuri Rothenburg 305.63% In 4 Years
Maximilian & Co 24.66% In 2 Months
Cloud Summer 22.12% In 10 Weeks
Cloud Family 73.61% In 35 Weeks
Watch Out For Our Upcoming Live Zoom Sessions Where We Will Present To The World Our Passive + Active Income Project
Talk To Us Now On How We Can Create Passive Income For You For As Little As $1K USD And You Can Earn At Least 70% In 12 Months:
Join Our Passive Wealth WhatsApp Group Now:
Twitter: @bluephoenixfin

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